Lobbying for H.R. 2058 – Step One

Step one in lobbying for H.R. 2058 is a two fold process.  You must understand the current status in Congress of the bill and then start to make contacts.  We are going to start a challenge here tomorrow so that we can redirect American politics and ways of thinking about H.R. 2058.  Whether you are a vaper, a vape store owner, a vape store employee, a liquid producer, a coil maker, an ends designer, an entrepreneur, or someone who loves free enterprise this bill is important to all of us.  If this bill does not pass, the current estimate is that within the next 2 years ninety-nine percent (99%) of all vape stores and vape suppliers will close.  Permanently.

However, H.R. 2058 is one giant step in the right direction to ensure this does not happen. What can you do right now?

  1. Understand what the bill says (see prior blog post).
  2. Understand the current status of the bill.  You can go to the following link and even get the people at govtrack.us to send you alerts.  https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/114/hr2058
  3. Understand the current odds of passage.  predictgov.com is giving the bill 1% (sound familiar?)  http://predictgov.com/projects/congress/
  4. Find out who represents you in the U.S. Congress through this super easy site: http://www.whoismyrepresentative.com
  5. Get ready to take action.  Our challenge will start tomorrow!